Shadow Theater

In the Šaltinėlis branch (20A Trakų St.) you can get acquainted with one of the oldest types of art in the world - the Shadow theater.

In the Šaltinėlis branch (Trakų str. 20A) you will discover one of the oldest types of art in the world – shadow theater. For the performances of shadow theater you need only three main things – a translucent screen, a light source and a cast shadow. In the library, young visitors will learn short history of shadow theater, different modes of expression, ways of making silhouette dolls. Assisted by the library staff, each participant will make characters in creative workshops, learn to manipulate the dolls, convey features of chosen characters and stage a play in the library’s shadow theater.
The workshop Shadow theater is included in the package of services of the Šiauliai City Municipality Culture Pouch and Lithuanian Culture Passport (price – 2 Eur).     
Those who want to come to the library and participate in the workshop Shadow theater can contact by phone (8 41) 52 50 08 or by e-mail:

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