3D printing

Visitors to the Comic Center at the Saulė branch (K. Korsako str. 10) can find a 3D printer

Visitors can find a 3D printer at the Comics Center in the Saulė branch (K. Korsako str. 10). Today, the possibilities of 3D printing technology are endless. It is an innovative way of creating various objects that allows you to turn a computer model into a real object. The possibilities of a 3D printer can also be tested in the library! With a professional 3D printer, everyone will be able to create his own model. Can’t create? No problem, a professional consultant will advise you where to start and how to achieve the best results.
The library welcomes everyone interested in new technologies, who likes to design and create technological innovations – especially knowledge seeking young people, teachers, organizers of non-formal education!
We invite you to unleash your creative potential and skills with the latest technologies!
Those who want to try out 3D printing can contact by phone (8 41) 52 49 96 or by e-mail: tomas.januskevicius@smsvb.lt

"If you can dream about it, then you can do it." (W. Disney)


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