Rėkyva Treasure Hunt

In the Rėkyva branch (Energetikų str. 7), both students and adults are invited to try the interactive cognitive game “Search for the Rėkyva treasure”.

In the Rėkyva branch (Energetikų str. 7), both students and adults are invited to play an interactive cognitive game Search for the Rėkyva treasure. Rėkyva is a district about 10 km from the city center, with a beautiful landscape, an impressive lake and an interesting history of the region. But do many people know this neighborhood perfectly? Do you know that there was a manor house here? That even the school building used to have a different value? Using tablets and GPS coordinates, participants divided into teams will be invited to search for the “treasures” of the neighborhood – famous places of cultural value. There are a total of eight search points to visit: the sculpture of nobleman Karpis, the cemetery, the chapel, the school, the playground for children Zuikinė, Grabavičius Hill, Antanas Kairaitis stone and the library.
Rėkyva Treasure Hunt is included in the package of services of Šiauliai City Municipality Culture Pouch and Lithuanian Culture Passport (price – 2 Eur).
Those who want to come to the library and search for the Rėkyva treasure can contact by phone (8 41) 51 90 68 or by e-mail: giedre.butkute@smsvb.lt

"The best thing history has to offer us is the enthusiasm it fosters." (J. V. Goethe)

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